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Oil Recycling and Disposal

AMS GROUP provides outstanding service and unique oil recycling options to manage your used transformer oils and oil contracts.

Our approach to oil recycling and disposal is unique to AMS GROUP, as we provide cradle-to-grave service that includes proper handling and processing of mineral oil when equipment is retired or decommissioned. Our highly experienced teams have the resources and expertise to recycle oil that comes from the equipment we service or from within the field. AMS GROUP certifies that the oil is ready to be reintroduced as either dielectric fluid or for use in other base oil applications. We test oil to confirm it is under 50ppm PCBs and is thus non hazardous.

Safety is our top priority at AMS GROUP, as our employees utilize tailored procedures to prevent spills or leaks of environmental contaminants. Once oil is certified in compliance with environmental regulations, it skips the landfill and is directly repurposed through resale to major oil recycling facilities where it will contribute to ongoing sustainability efforts. If the oil proves to be hazardous, our preferred service provider partners will process it to remove high levels of PCB to continue the recycling process.

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