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With decades of experience in the demolition industry, we have the know-how and the expertise to safely and efficiently demolish any type of power plant. 

Above Ground
Asset Demolition


Plant Purchase Assets & Land

Above Ground Asset Demolition:

  • We have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to safely and efficiently demolish any type of power plant.

  • Tank Decommissioning – thorough removal of above and below ground tanks which includes:

    • cleaning; purging

    • repurposing

    • resale and recycling. 

    • Lead abatement if and when needed.

  • Structural Demo - complete structural demolition at industrial facilities, and plants. Major industries served to include power, industrial, mining, oil and gas, power generation, and steel production.

  • Underground Cable

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Abov Demo
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Environmental Remediation:

  • Providing soil remediation, landfill management, and other self-performed services. This includes:

    • facility decontamination

    • Drum management

    • Underground storage tank removal

    • Waste minimization analysis

    • Emergency response. 

  • Asbestos abatement.  Provide timely survey for cost-effective reliable remediation

Enviro Remed

Plant Purchase:

  • Purchase entire retired plants, “as is”:  coal-fired, steam-fired, natural gas, industrial.

  • We assume all liability, indemnifying the seller with an insurance policy

  • Our demolition team removes, resells, and recycles all above and below ground assets, (asbestos abatement when needed too).

  • Our environmental team remediates the property, allowing for future real estate development opportunities.

  • Remediation includes but is not limited to: Soil; brownfield; landfill; fluid/chemical spill; coal pile;

  • Our team can provide a cost-effective phase 1 or phase 2 study when needed.

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Plant Purch

Clients & Assets

AMS Group is the right choice for your industrial demolition needs. We have a team of experienced professionals with the equipment to take on any size project and get it done right. Choose us, and you'll never have to worry about the headaches of a big project like this. We're here to take care of it all.

​Typical Clients & Assests

  • Closed / retired / mothballed plants.

  • Operating power plants looking to retire obsolete assets on site:

    • Tanks, Vessels, Silos, Turbines, Generators

  • Redundant expired, or contaminated inventory:

    • Structural steel; ferrous enclosures; spent boiler baskets

  • Boilers / HRSG / OTSG.

  • Existing structures or removed inventory

  • Entire rail lines with cross ties.

  • Condensers, heat exchangers

Past Client demolition services include:

  • Large storage and acid tanks at multiple locations.

  • 330 MW turbine Generator package – TN

  • Entire Retired Power Plant at the Port of Tacoma, WA.

  • Partner in the demolition of an 880 MW steam-fired plant. Removal of above and below ground assets.

  • Minority partner at over a dozen power plants, decommissioning various retired assets, buildings, and structures.

Accountability starts with us.

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