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Substation Transformer Decommissioning

AMS GROUP is the premier service provider for safe and timely on-site substation transformer decommissioning nationwide. We can handle any size, location, hazard, or challenge. 

Our turnkey service includes:


Safe, timely, competitive on-site substation transformer decommissioning – any size or quantity!

One of our clients required us to decommission transformers in 13 substations in one city. We safely completed this task in under 3 months.

Transformers - Substation Transformer Decommissioning.jpg


Work commences with the sampling, PCB testing, and subsequent pump out of non-hazardous transformer oil.

  • If the PCB content is hazardous, we bring in our preferred Haz. Partner to handle this.

  • AMS handles all residual oil safely, (pumped into our OSHA-approved portable storage containers), for safe recycling.

Transformers_Oil Recycling and Disposal_edited.jpg


Our proprietary procedure allows us to disassemble each transformer where it sits.

  • This includes units in oil containment areas.

  • This includes de-energized transformers in live substations.

  • No obstacle is too large to overcome.

Transformers - Substation Transformer DecommissioningOH 395 MVA.jpg


When needed, we can provide off-site decommissioning services too.

  • Transformer ancillary parts can be safely removed.  Oil pumped out.

  • Transformers are then loaded by crane onto preferred carriers to be transported to 

  • A nearby facility for AMS safe and timely decommissioning.  Alternative decommissioning locations are available.

  • Clients are welcome to inspect our facilities and monitor our safe recycling processes.

Transformers - Substation Transformer DecommissioningSub T.jpg


This service is offered to determine where the failure occurred.

  • We have provided this service for insurance, utility, IPP, and more.

  • Customized service is provided to meet specific needs.

Connect With Us

We'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us with any questions, product inventory interest, or additional needs you may have and our staff will get back to you promptly.

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