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Advanced expertise for a cleaner future

We are an Asset Manager and Contractor of Surplus electrical equipment & industrial plants. AMS Group is committed to meeting your needs with the highest level of service possible from start to finish. Whether it's decommissioning a retired substation or powerplant or working with you on plans for replacement equipment or re-development, we’re here to help!

Our  Core Values

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We are your Turnkey Solutions provider.
AMS Group is focused on Retired Assets and Plants.



ESG reporting with every job and fully documented chain of custody for all hazardous materials



The safety of our crews and everyone we work with and around is our top priority. We have zero safety incidents recorded for AMS Group Employees and are ISN Certified.








Agile and adaptable workstreams and documented work plans so our crews are synchronized with your crews and other vendors so we can adapt rapidly to changing conditions.





We ensure our customers maximize the value of their decommissioned assets.

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Why AMS Group?

AMS easily adapts to our customer's needs with the goal to exceed client expectations.  We do this by providing high-quality service, operational excellence, and exceptional value, whilst maintaining outstanding customer relationships.

Our Mission: 
Providing safe, timely, economic and responsible asset management and decommissioning services of retired industrial equipment and power plants. 

The Vision: 
Continue offering the very best service, support, and value to our customers, adding growth with existing and ancillary services.  Providing a positive and safe environment for our employees with growth opportunities.

Management Team

Meet The Team

Our  Value  Proposition  includes:


The 7 R’s to maximize equipment & plant value

Reuse Assets that are reused within an organization offer the best ROI by reducing capital, depreciation, taxes, and insurance costs.

Resell Some surplus or retired assets can be re-sold and re-used as spares, backup equipment or replacement parts globally.  All avenues are explored with our vast network, to maximize asset value.

ReconditionMany recovered assets can be recovered, refurbished, and put back into service as an alternative to purchasing new.

Reclaim AMS Group safely and routinely reclaims solvents, chemicals, lubricants, refrigerants, hydraulic fluid, glycols, etc., during demolition and dismantling projects, and many of these substances can be reused to reduce waste and preserve the environment.

ReturnEquipment, parts, materials and supplies recovered from dismantling, relocation and demolition projects can often be returned to the manufacturer or vendor for cash or future credit.

RecycleKeeping waste out of landfills saves disposal costs, generates income, and preserves resources. Recyclable materials generated by decommissioning include metal, brick, concrete, cardboard, gypsum wallboard, plastic, wood, glass, carpet and insulation.

Remove The simple act of removal of excess or idle assets lowers the tax base and increases returns on capital.

7 R's

Associations & Certifications

Our History

Founded in 2006 by David E Hess, AMS Group is a service provider specializing in the decommissioning of substation transformers, power plants, and management of all retired assets.

As a third-generation metal recycler and trader, David has over 30 years of industrial experience. Prior to AMS, David was the lead commodities trader of an international group with offices in the U.S., Mexico and China. He learned arbitrage, commodity hedging, international trade dynamics and developed access to an extensive supplier, consumer and credit network.

Since AMS' formation, David has grown the company into a well-regarded industry partner, that has diversified AMS' services; expanding into entire power plants for equipment resale, plant remediation, demolition, and real estate development. 

AMS Group always keeps the highest integrity, standards and expectations in mind - to become the #1 partner you chose time and again. AMS Group is well known within the industry for creative solutions to complex problems, and looks forward to the opportunity of earning your ongoing business. 

Connect With Us

We'd love to hear from you.  Feel free to contact us with any questions, product inventory interest, or additional needs you may have and our staff will get back to you promptly.

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