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Transformer Solutions


Substation Transformer Decommissioning

AMS GROUP is a top service provider for the removal, recycling, and replacement of substation transformers nationwide.


Transformer Repair

AMS GROUP provides a full range of transformer repair services nationwide with a focus on time efficiency and customer satisfaction.

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Complete Substation Decommissioning

Highly experienced with all substation equipment, AMS GROUP can help with complete substation decommissioning.

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Oil/fluid Recycling and Disposal 

AMS GROUP provides outstanding service and unique oil recycling options to manage your used transformer oils and oil contracts.


Distribution Transformer Recycling

Highly trained crews at AMS GROUP are ready to assist in transformer recycling to ensure safe and regulated disposal for your company.


Field Service Support

To meet a wide range of needs, AMS GROUP offers field service support nationwide using the latest safety equipment and tools

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Transformer Resale

Here at AMS GROUP, extensive quality control has made us a trusted resale provider of transformers both nationally and internationally.

Forensic Decommissioning

AMS GROUP is the premier provider of forensic decommissioning to assist with root cause failure analysis.

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