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Distribution Transformer Recycling

Highly trained crews at AMS GROUP are ready to assist in transformer recycling to ensure safe and regulated disposal for your company.

Here at AMS GROUP, our highly skilled crews are capable of customizing our services to meet your needs for distribution transformer recycling. We have worked hand-in-hand with customers for many years to develop turnkey recycling services that cover cradle to grave, as we can provide a certificate of recycling for environmental regulations, upon request. While our Houston facility is used for processing, our multiple locations are equipped to meet nationwide state and federal environmental regulation standards. Our services include PCB oil sampling and oil management through draining and recycling.

While we do provide transportation for your transformers, there is a 20,000 lb minimum for work to be commissioned. Our 10 acre facility is available for transformer distribution recycling of:
-Pole and pad mount transformers
-Street transformers (small utilities/co-ops/municipalities/small fleets)

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