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Thirteen Retired Substations in One City

AMS Group successfully, safely, and economically decommissioned 13 substations within one city. The work scope included substation transformers, breakers, potential transformers, current transformers, and air switches in A-frame control buildings, weighing approximately 20-50 tons.

To do so, we coordinated the safe and timely decommissioning within our client’s preferred schedule. AMS completed this work within the allotted time frame, approximately 3 months, without incident because of our efficient systems and procedures. Such systems and procedures allowed us to coordinate the disassembly of various parts to then be relocated to a central site for consolidation and shipment off-site. Not only that, but we were able to streamline large equipment moves, coordinating with all related parties.

Our operational and organizational processes allowed AMS to stay lean, remain aggressively productive, and finish out the project exceeding client expectations. We came in below our always-lean budgeting expense, all while navigating the logistical challenges of moving equipment and crews from numerous sites. AMS was able to provide a sustainability report detailing all the metals and fluids recycled along with the client receiving a positive return, unlike many of our competitors who charge an additional fee for the service. The end result was a satisfied client and an operation completed in a timely manner without incident - the AMS Group standard.


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