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Boiler Riley RB-N1-TX

Boiler Riley RB-N1-TX

ID #: RB-N1-TX

Manufacturer: Riley

Date Mfr.: 1960

Main Steam Flow (Lb/hr): 1260000

Working Pressure (psig):

Drum: 2125

Economizer: 2225

Superheater: 2041

Heating Surface boiler: 6847

Economizer: 20073

Superheater: 54559

Air Heater: 198600 Steam Temp's (F)

Superheater: 1005

Reheater: 1005

Notes: Reheat, pressurized type, single drum, natural gas fired, oil standby; designed for 2125 psig drum pressure and capacity of 1,260,000 lb/hr


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