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GE: 25 MVA; 138kVΔ/12470Y-7200

GE: 25 MVA; 138kVΔ/12470Y-7200

ID #: G1747-01

Manufacturer: GE Prolec

KVA: 25 - 28 MVA

D.O.M: 2008

HV: 138 Kv Delta

LV:  12470 Y / 7200

LTC:  High Voltage Tap changer

Class: ONAN

HV Bushing Location: Top

LV Bushing Location:  Side

Core & Coil (Lbs):  51315

Tank and Fittings (Lbs):  33184

Gallons Oil - Main Tank:  3922

Notes:  DGA's on file. Tested electrically good. Contains oil, no PCB's, under Ni pressure.


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