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One of the largest Obsolete Motors in the USA

Client Problem:

Our client reached out to us with a large job and claimed that no one had been able to provide the specific service to date. AMS was tasked to remove and recycle a +700,000 lb synchronous condenser located in the center of an operating mill. Built in the 1950s, the condenser was taking up valuable real estate within the mill and had been sitting idle for 14 years.

AMS Solution:

AMS quickly created a plan that utilized our skilled crew and equipment to methodically disassemble the synchronous condenser in less than 30 days. Conditions required that AMS disassemble the condenser where it sat, piece by piece.

Throughout the process, AMS faced and overcame several hazards. The motor was secured above a 15-foot containment pit with very little spacing and surrounded by live equipment in an operating industrial plant. With approximately 700,000 lbs of the motor casing, stator, armature, rotor, and parts, the project was incredulous in size. The stator has a diameter of approximately 20 feet and the shaft inside the armature was a solid Ferrous rod, approximately 4 feet thick.

Despite the hazards, AMS was able to provide services to our clients in a safe manner without incident. As a result, the space was opened up, allowing the client to repurpose their R.E.. install a modern smaller unit, and have options for other usage.


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