AMS Group is a premier Asset Manager and specialty contractor of surplus electrical equipment and entire plants throughout North America.


AMS' Turnkey Services include:

  1. The 7 R's to Maximize equipment and plant value. Reuse being the best value, followed by, recondition, return, resell, reclaim, recycle, & finally remove.

  2. Responsible safe on-site decommissioning, demolition and recycling of entire plants by our skilled crews, in compliance with EPA and environmental regulations.

  3. Safety is AMS' #1 priority. We are proud of our stellar track record & best EMR rating!

  4. Equipment processing includes substations, transformers, turbines, generators, motors, pumps, cable, Fe and NF scrap metal

  5. Transformer forensic tare-down service.

  6. Transformer oil testing, pumping, and removal of oil containing PCB levels below 50 p.p.m

  7. Brownfield remediation, real estate purchase and development.

  8. OSHA certified, highly skilled and fully insured crews.

  9. A C2, TECQ certified & EPA licensed facility in Houston.

  10. Accurate client audit reporting & a certificate of recycling is provided, documenting the dismantling & recycling of your equipment.

We process industrial and Co-Generation equipment and plants, including but not limited to: Transformers, turbines, generators, motors, switch gear, breakers, cable, & scrap metal.

We are committed to providing you the highest quality products and services within our Asset Management Program. This involves an outright purchase of your surplus or obsolete product, or collecting and auditing your products. Through our services, you can rely on us to minimize the costs, liabilities and inconvenience of surplus, RMA, as well as obsolete and end-of-life product.

We are able to provide detailed audit reporting regarding the content of each lot of equipment and the condition in which it is received. All products deemed no longer suitable for resale are recycled through EPA approved methods. Equipment is separated into product suitable for one of these categories:

Equipment and plant De-Commissioning / Recycling / Demolition:

Any product that cannot be salvaged for refurbishing or resale will be recycled in compliance with OSHA and EPA environmental regulations.
By providing this service, AMS Group is able to:

  • Eliminate excess manpower through our trained recovery personnel.

  • Free up valuable warehouse and facility space.

  • Ensure maximum metals recovery through precise product tracking and accountability.

  • Verify product security by certifying destruction of proprietary material.

  • Confirm professional operations through our EPA permitted facilities and OSHA certified and insured workers.

  • Guarantee expeditious payment.

  • Allow recovery processes to our suppliers.


Within our group, we have a state of the art in-house refining facility. For more details, please click here see our Refining Flow Chart.


We increase the value and usefulness of equipment through our refurbishing process. This includes testing, cleaning, repackaging, & resale, guaranteeing the qualtity of the equipment.



We market and sell new and refurbished equipment to the worlds most competitive markets. Many of our equipment listings may be accessed on our inventory page. Before resale, products are tested and warranted through the AMS Group.

As a leader in the recycling industry for over 20 years, combined with our own crews and investment recovery group, we are able to maximize asset value in a safe and timely manner.Safety is our top priority and we our proud of our OSHA certified crews & stellar safety record.

We want the opportunity to earn your business & are eager to provide our customized services for you.

We are an Asset Manager and Specialty Contractor of Surplus electrical equipment and entire plants.