We strive to develop ongoing and mutually profitable relationships with each of our customers and want to provide our competitive and safe metal processing services for you too.

We process and resell various grades of scrap Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals in Large Quantities. Ferrous: min 100 MT's; Non Ferrous: min. 20 MT's per load. Our Houston facility is EPA permitted and TNRCC licensed. We purchase nationwide, and can load out material from any facility using our own insured crew and equipment. Our major activity is in the following materials:


ISRI Spec. P&S, (Plate & Structural Steel), HMS, (Heavy Melt Steel #1 & #2).

NON FERROUS: Various grades of non ferrous metals, including:

  • Low grade Copper bearing materials such as electric motors, sealed units and ballasts.

  • Mid grade Copper bearing materials such as armatures, stators, transformers, alternators and starters.

  • High Grade ISRI Spec: #2 Cu wire (enamel & burnt), insulated and Ag plated copper wire, usable wire and cable.

  • Aluminum Based CATV (bare / insulated), Al wound motors, armatures, bobbins, stators, transformers, gas and electric meters.

  • High Grade ISRI Spec: Al wire, Litho sheet.

  • Electronics, Miscellaneous Computer & Telephone scrap.

  • Power supplies, PC's, Connectors, IC's, magnets, Mainframes, computer boards, power supply "heavy" boards, telephone relays, telephone sets, KSU's, cable, and any other precious metal bearing scrap.

We are an Asset Manager and Specialty Contractor of Surplus electrical equipment and entire plants.